Stars and Stripes Championship Wrestling Mourns

The entire Stars and Stripes Championship Wrestling Family mourns the loss of the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, who were tragically lost on February 1, 2003 at approximately 9 am during the reentry phase of their 16 day scientific mission. Out thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of this brave group as well as to all who have dedicated themselves to space exploration. halfstaff The SSCW, which is proudly named after the symbol of our nation, will dedicate our next show to the Columbia Seven and to all those who embody the American spirit and those who protect and defend our great nation. As our nation and the world morns, so do we.

Justin Credible invades SSCW

On Friday March 28 2003 at Ring Rage 4 Former ECW World/Tag team Champion and Former WWE star Justin Credible looks to become an impact player again as he heads to SSCW to take on Devon"Crowbar"Storm at the Italian American Family Association 282 Parker Avenue Clifton NJ 8pm.This is another feather in SSCW's cap to be 1 of 2 promotions to sign Credible first and this match promises to give the fans their moneys worth.

Ariel makes her Wrestling/Managerial debut in SSCW

Rave club kid Ariel makes her debut in SSCW taking on manager of champions Alura and managing new tag team Vitamin E vs. SSCW Tag team champions Shaolin Wrecking Crew on Friday March 28 2003.This girl has a tough road ahead as Alura is no pushover and is easily becoming a hot prospect on the women's wrestling scene, And in the tag team ranks SWC is the biggest tag team today bar none at over 700lbs combined one member of the SWC weighs as much as Vitamin E combined. Find out more about events. Ariel wants to be the top woman in SSCW but with women like Alura, Valentina, Miss Michelle, Noel and a few more women rumored to be coming in it isn't going to be easy.

Becky Bayless Headed To SSCW

On Friday March 28 2003 Becky Bayless debuts in SSCW but nobody knows what her function will be, will she wrestle or manage? One thing is for sure just when you thought the women's division in SSCW was hot before with women like Alura, Valentina, Miss Michelle, Ariel and Noel along comes Becky making it much hotter. Don't miss Becky's SSCW debut as she promises to change the women's division in SSCW for the better and vows to be the number #1 woman in SSCW.

Don't Bet on Our Events

If you enter the site to find a place to bet on a match we'd like you to leave or visit a real betting operator like a casino offering games. If that's the case, then place a bet on and not on our ring.


What ladies are in it? What is there purpose? No one knows for sure but we do know that L.I.P.S. will be in the house at Ring Rage IV.

Former ECW star and member of Da Baldies heads to SSCW

Tony Devito formerly of Da Baldies in ECW with Vic Grimes and Spanish Angel entered his name in the 20 man BattleBrawl Royal Rumble for the vacant SSCW Heavyweight title last held by Scott Steiner before he headed to the WWE. Devito's take no prisoners attitude makes him a top favorite to win the gold as he's been through wars in ECW vs. New Jack. SSCW has a hired assassin loose in their company and nobody is safe and rumors are already circulating that maybe fellow Da Baldie members may or may not be far behind in SSCW.

Chino Martinez vs Dave Webb Part 2 - "A Matter Of Respect"

On January 18th Chino Martinez made his debut for National Wrestling Superstars in a 3 way match vs Hadrian and Dave Webb. Chino had Webb beat and was going to hit his finisher "The Jokers Wild" (modified D.V.D.) but Webb flipped out of it and hit Chino with a flipping sitdown powerbomb (Ala Rey Mysterio) for the pin. Chino hasn't been himself since this stalker mess started in April when he was then-SSCW Champion, Since then Chino's been losing matches everywhere he goes cause his minds on other things besides wrestling. Dave Webb is a underrated highflyer that can give anyone a run for their money and is a welcome addition to the SSCW roster. Webb started off 2003 on a good note by beating Chino a ring veteran with wins over NWA-TNA star Low-Ki, Former WWE stars Gangrel, trophy

Chris Candido , and Pablo "Babu" Marquez, Kevin Knight , Ace Darling, Reckless Youth, current WWE Developmental signee and trainer Nova and who has held titles up and down the East Coast. Will lightning strike twice for Webb? And what if any role will the stalker have in this match? There's only 1 way to find out come on down to Ring Rage and watch a re-match of the match that Wrestling newsletters and fans called a 4 star match Chino Martinez vs Dave Webb Part 2 don't miss it.

The match will take place the day before the fantasy sports convention, regarding the fantasy baseball for online betting as well as other games that punters enjoy.

Former SSCW and PCW Canada star "Class Act" Chris Parys set to retire

On Thursday Feb 6 2003 Chris Parys will retire from wrestling due to a complete tear to his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) as well as a partial tear of the left medial meniscus. Parys along with Will Damon debuted for SSCW on September 6 2002 in Union City NJ at "Enduring Freedom" taking part of the 9/11 Memorial Cup Tournament and helping Damon win the SSCW Heavyweight title from then-champ Chino Martinez. Parys came back to the states on October 29 2002 at SSCW's HELL-O-WEEN in Lyndhurst NJ at Medieval Times a card headlined by current WWE star Scott Steiner vs Former ECW World Champ Steve Corino and beat Josh Daniels in a number #1 contenders match for the TV Title. We here at SSCW wish Parys a happy retirement and are better for knowing a true gentleman like him and Damon. Thank you Chris Parys you were a welcome addition to the SSCW Family and a true CLASS ACT we'll miss you.

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