December 2002 - Rik Lesnar.

SSCW: Rik you are an unknown commodity right now. So thank you for sitting down with us to do this interview. My first question for you is with the name Rik Lesnar are you any relation to current WWE SuperStar Brock Lesnar? qanda RL: Maybe your to ignorant to understand this, but I'm a very busy man. I dont have time to sit here and respond to questions that have no bearing on why I'm here in SSCW. So get to the point, or this interview is over.

SSCW: Ok. Well what is it that you hope to accomplish here in SSCW?
RL: Its not a matter of hoping to accomplish anything. Its a matter of me doing what my mind is set on doing, and thats running through the SSCW roster, to get to the top of this organization.

SSCW: Do you have your sights set on anyone in particular?
RL: At this point and time my sights are set on everyone in the SSCW locker room. I'm going to do what I always do and thats take down any so called competition, and prove to everyone, why I'm the best wrestler in the world today. Let me say this, no one in the SSCW locker room is safe, everyone is a target of my rage.

SSCW: How do you think the fans of SSCW will react to you?
RL: To be honest with you, I could care less how the fans react to me. I'm not here to make friends with anyone, or to be the hero for all of the fans. The only reason I'm coming to SSCW is to make a point to world and the other wrestlers, that they should fear me, and that they had better show me the respect I deserve.

SSCW: I heard that you are a bodybuilder. Can you tell us what is your bench and squat?
RL: My personal best on the squat is 800lbs, and my personal best on the bench press is 560lbs. Those stats are what made me a champion power lifter and strongman.

SSCW: Sounds impressive. What is your training regimen like?
RL: I spend 6 to 7 days in the weight room moving weight that would break a normal man. Combine that with countless hours in the ring training, you can now see why I'm the best, and why I'm without a doubt the most talented wrestler today.

SSCW: SSCW has a lot of big guys right now including Johnny Thundar, Bryan Wenzel, Paul Enormous and Vic Divine. How do you think you match up against them.
RL: I'm a former 5 time strongman champion. A two time bench press champion. I've Bodyslammed 400lb men. So these so called big men in SSCW are in for a big surprise when they cross my path. Because not only am I big and powerful, but I'm by far the most athletic big man in wrestling today.

SSCW: Now there isn’t one fan here that has seen Rik Lesnar in action. Can you tell them, and us, what to expect. What is your style?
RL: Expect to see a heap of SSCW wrestlers with broken bodies after I get through with them. As far as my style, I can go any style I need to, to get a win. Be it technical, power, an air attack, or some hardcore action. I'm ready for anyone that steps in my way.

SSCW: Of course the question on everyone’s mind is when can we expect to see Rik Lesnar in an SSCW ring?
RL: The world must be on the edge of their seats right now, in anticipation of the biggest and strongest man in wrestling to appear in an SSCW ring. All I'm gonna say is this, I'll show up, when I'm ready. and believe me you wont know when or where I'll show up, but when I do, all hell will break loose.

SSCW: Well Rik thank for sitting down with us. Before we go is there anything else you’d like to say?
RL: The pleasure was all yours. Let me leave you SSCW fan and wrestlers with some words of warning. I'm coming to SSCW to do what I've done in every other federation and that's destroy the competition. I don't need the fans to cheer for me to get the job done. You can like me, or you can hate me, but after I take SSCW by storm, I can assure you of one thing, everyone will respect me. Get ready to feel my rage. There's no where to run, and nowhere to hide, get ready SSCW fans, I'm coming soon.

January 2003 - Rob Eckos.

SSCW: Rob your star has been shining brighter then ever these days. You are the SSCW Lightweight Champion AND you have won both Wrestler and Rookie of the Year on the SSCW Fan Choice Awards. To what do you attribute your success?
RE: I attribute my success to the fans who have decided to take a liking to me and my character, I thank them for the awards they voted for in and truly appreciate all the support from them...

SSCW: A New Year is upon us. Will we see a new Rob Eckos in 2003?
RE: There def. will be a new and improved Rob Eckos in 2003, I'm gunna be even more ripped, tanned up and aggressive if you know what I mean...

SSCW: On January 31st you have a tough task ahead of you. You have 2 matches and 2 title defenses. The first against rising star Johnny Ova. The second against former SSCW Champion Chino Martinez. How do you plan to walk out of both matches still sporting the gold?
RE: Easy, have you seen my wrestle before...?...I can hit you with my spinning small package or my corkscrew backslide out of nowhere and with that said there is no doubt I will walk out of that night still the SSCW light heavyweight champ...

SSCW: Given your limited size would you ever consider making a run at the Heavyweight Championship? As you know there is a Battle Royal to determine the next Champion on January 31st. Will your name be in the hat?
RE: Hey, just cause I am smaller then other dudes in the SSCW doens't mean i cant hang with them, plus with the Dynasty of Excellence watchin' my back anything can happen, but I don't need a stupid battle royal to get my shot, i'll take it when I want... read more.

SSCW: There is an influx of great lightweights not only here in SSCW but all across indy wrestling. How does a Rob Eckos stack up to the rest of the lightweight pack?
RE: I really don't, I am 400 pounder caught in a 180 pounders body, if they fly i'll ground them to bring it to my style...I have wrestled some of the so called best lightweights in the world and it wasn't a challenge to ROB ECKOS!!!

SSCW: While wrestling in SSCW is fantastic and indy wrestling is on the rise obviously the big goal is to get to WWE. Recently former SSCW competitor Charlie Haas made his WWE debut. Does Rob Eckos see himself lighting up the WWE rings anytime soon?
RE: Hey everyone has a dream, I truly didn't think I would be wrestling all the places I currently am now, so you never know whut will happen in this business...

SSCW: At SSCW HELL-O-WEEN Scott Steiner squared off against Steve Corino. It was the first time many of the SSCW stars got to meet Big Poppa Pump. How was he as a person? Did you get a chance to speak to him? And if so did he offer any advice?
RE: I spoke briefly to him, he seemed like a nice guy, thats pretty much it...


SSCW: If you had to compare yourself to any other wrestler on the SSCW roster who would it be?
RE: Hmmm, prob. Bobcat cause just as most guys want her, most girls want me...

SSCW: This question is for your many lady admirers. Are you single? If so describe your perfect girl.
RE: My perfect girl is none of your business...

SSCW: What are your goals for 2003?
RE: Basically just to keep up the success I have had so far in my career and to stay healthy...