Reality Check

Lot's of stuff going on in SSCW right now. So many things to talk about I don't know where to begin. But I'll begin in as good a place as any. Thank you's. Reality Check I would like to thank my very good friend Bobby Reidel for his continued support of myself and SSCW. It's good to see him back in wrestling. Bobby was one of the people who started me in this business. When you are a 16 year old mark not many people are willing to listen, advise and take you seriously. Bobby did, and continues to do, all those things for me and he will always have my gratitude and friendship for that. Big thanks to Medieval Times for their hospitality and willingness to help us every step of the way. They are total class acts. And by the way if you have never attended one of there shows do so. Honestly it is an experience you'll never forget. Especially wrestling fans will enjoy the intense action. Thanks to the people "in the business" who are always there to lend a helping hand. Recently that goes especially for David Penzer, Joe Panzerino, Pete Ferriero and Gino Caruso.

It's good to see Johnny Thundar developing into such a great talent. I look forward to seeing him grow and blossom further. He and Alura are truly cornerstones of SSCW. 2003 looks to be a great year for them and for any fans that are privileged enough to see them in action. It was very good seeing SSCW Champion (or former champion now) Scott Steiner appear at WWE Survivor Series. I can't really say enough good things about Mr. Steiner. He was a gentleman, a class act, and humble. For all the things I heard about his locker room behavior I saw nothing. Nothing that is but a very polite and humble person who took the extra step at his autograph session to make sure every fan felt special. I see nothing but good things for him in WWE. I'm also glad to see Shawn with the belt around his waist. What a great Champion he will be for them. And I love seeing him talk about his affection for God. I wish more people in the public spotlight would take that initiative. It seems fine for people to talk about hurting people but mention God and everyone gets in an uproar.

SSCW is working on some exciting projects right now with a rarity in this business. TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE. We have some very exciting projects lined up which I think the fans will be pleased with. But as in everything we do realize SSCW, and more specifically I, can't do this by myself. I have the help of very good people behind me. As well as the help of our fans. In an effort to not break kayfabe they shall remain nameless and let me bask in all the glory as they always do LOL. But they know who they are and I couldn't do all this without them. Until it's time for your next Reality Check..........

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January 05, 2003

Women In Wrestling

I remember the glory days when women like Sherri Martel, Fabulous Moolah, Madusa,Wendi Richter, Misty Blue Simms, etc. would wrestle, not like today's wastes of space like Stephanie aka Mrs. Helmsley, Jackie Gayda, Tori Wilson, Stacy Keibler, and Trish Stratus. The WWE has quality women wrestlers like WWE Woman's champ Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly, Jaqueline, Linda Miles, Ivory etc. but every week we're tortured with Dawn Marie-Al & Tori Wilson soap operas, Stacy Keibler "wrestling" and stupid gimmicks for Test and Stephanie trying to be tough.

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Why can't they just focus on the women wrestling and less T & A? I'm not gay but I'd rather see Victoria defend her title vs Molly Holly than watch Stacy and Dawn Marie dress like pilgrims and Indians and throw food at each other, Vince is killing women's wrestling but he doesn't care that's why it's so hard for women on the indy scene to get respect from their peers. Women in the indys that can actually wrestle are as hard to find as midget wrestlers, back in the day every wrestler that had a girlfriend had her as a valet whether she looked like Bertha Faye or Trish Stratus and wore skimpy outfits.

Also there were those promoters that hired any girl that gave them head, slept with them and their boys, or wanted to get laid from them, that's why today when a woman gets into wrestling there's a thousand rumors spread about her because if the promoter doesn't respect them neither will the fans or workers. But JCW, IHPW, and SSCW are changing all of that because the women in their company Noel, Miss Michelle, Valentina, Allura and others are treated with respect and as equals not like ringrats and get harassed. There were alot of good women on the indys back in the day like Bobcat, Miss Kara, Gabby Leigh, Dawn Marie, Francine, Beaulah, Kimona, Missy Hyatt, etc. hopefully in 2003 the women indy situation will get better but SSCW, IHPW and JCW already have a jump start on the division and with the women coming from Johnny Rodz' school and other schools SSCW is getting 1st crack at the new breed of females from the demo tapes I receive and the shows I'm on or go to scout at............

Only in your dreams

Column From 10/23/2002

Hello to all the fans of the SSCW and welcome to my first of many "State of the SSCW" addresses. I cannot begin to tell you the feelings that I am having preparing for HELL-O-WEEN at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The card is promising to be one of the best. Check out the Events page for more info on the full lineup. I am really looking forward to meeting some of the new stars that SSCW has acquired since my last appearance. One of the things that has bothered me the most of the past few weeks are the numbers coming in from our Polls. Most of all is the one about replacing my commissioners position. Come on people, don't you see that you are playing right into CJ Sabia's hands. While I can't prove it I know that most of the votes to replace me are just CJ sitting in his office. I can tell you this, no matter what CJ and his staff try to do they will NEVER get me out of the SSCW.

People, you have to understand, CJ has no care in the world for what the people want. I even think that he rigs the polls so that you all vote for what he wants anyway. The only "power" that CJ and his staff want you, the fans to have is the "power" to open up your wallet and buy tickets! Now, I don't want you to be mentally exhausted from all of this, but rest assured, I, Johnny Dreamer, the SSCW Commissioner and first ever SSCW Champion, will bring the peoples thoughts and opinions to the forefront. I alone know what you all want and what is good for you.


Now, I'd like to address a security concern. I have been told that former SSCW Champion, Chino Martinez is being stalked. As the voice of law and order here in the SSCW I can't not stand by and let our stars be threatened by an over zealous fan. Now I know that the fans want to get close to the stars but people, let's not sink so low that threats are involved. That's something that CJ would do. The SSCW will be holding Fan-addict™ events prior to most of our events to give the fans a chance to meet all of the SSCW stars. I ask all of the fans, please do not "stalk" the wrestlers. I will see to it that all of you get a chance to meet our athletes. If this does continue, will will prosecute to the full extent of the law. By the way, Chino, I will have my personal security staff on had at HELL-O-WEEN and they are at your disposal should you need them. That's all for now, I can't wait to see all of you at HELL-O-WEEN. If you have not gotten your tickets yet do so in our Store, they are going fast.


Welcome to another edition of McPinions. Due to the holidays and new years and the fact that the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS! are in the playoffs, this will be a short column. Let’s smack this bitch up. Big news to end out the year. SSCW is having a bus trip. For a measly $45, you can see the SSCW live from a third row seat, a free ride, a free meet and greet session and a free hotdog and soda combo! So to all my fellow New Yorkers who would like to see SSCW please contact me at You could also instant message me on my AOL IM name at SSCWTheMiC For more information on the show and check out the main page ! Don’t forget to bring your sharpies, cause Superfly Jimmy Sunka is going to be there! The event is at 7pm on Jan 31 so hurry today, and come meet “The MiC” on the bus and talk wrestling! McWWe Notes: Seems the WWE is focusing on their tag division, which has been fucking quality for the fans. Give me the Guerreros/Edge/Kidman/BookerT/Goldust/Christian/Y2J every week, because this week was a real strong week for tag wrestling. The Santa’s little helper match was great, I think the WWE has the puppies and the wrestling down with all of their women. Raw was a throway Xmas show, like this column this week, and I think it was great. JR and King’s involvement in the main event would lead to bitching in the Internet Community if it wasn’t a throwaway show. This weeks Raw featured decent wrestling. SSCW’s own Scott Steiner defeated Triple H 4 times in an arm wrestling match. This is great that they are pushing Steiner, but if this leads to him jobbing to HHH at the Royal Rumble, then it really means nothing in the long run. Team Angle looks like it has great potential. Again another SSCW alumni is one of the members in Charlie “R.C.” Haas. The other member Shelton Benjamin, assumedly, his new tag partner should also boost up a stellar tag team division. Angle v. Benoit at Royal Rumble will be fucking awesome! I think Angle is going to be making everyone tap out until WrestleMania. This would be a great idea to boost ratings and to make the ultimate heel angle vs the ultimate face Brock Lesnar. Lesnar should fight Big Show at the Rumble. Angle vs Lesnar looks like it is going to be bigger than Hogan/Andre or even Stone Cold/Rock. I for one can’t wait for this WrestleMania Title match. Stone Cold Steve Austin is assumed to be back in time for WrestleMania. This will be good, but I think SCSA should be careful, and definitely follow his own advice of D.T.A. before he becomes the second wrestler to be “screwed” Just read a few good books lately. I urge you to pick up Shaun Assels, “Sex Lies and Headlocks” it details Vince and the WWE and shows how wrestling came to the forefront. I give it 5/5 Potatoes. Another 5/5 is Bobby Heenan's autobiography, he comes off strong and honest. McPinions logo 2 Stay away from Roddy Pipers new book. It is written through his eyes and you would think he is Hogan/Bret/HBK/Stone Cold/Rock all in one. He tells how he wouldn’t job to anyone and how he made Hulk Hogan and the WWF successful all single-handedly by himself. He also goes onto say he hates all promoters and how he is such a badass. Hot Rod certainly has been slipping in the millennium, especially with his retarded Owen Hart comment. Let’s close on a good note by saying Happy Kwaanza and a Merry New Year. Thanks for reading my column and I will be next week with another doozy. Please check out the bus trip as SSCW needs the fans support, as we are for the fans and by the fans. That does it for me….