Reality Check

November 25, 2002

Let's start off by saying Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday me. Reality Check Ok now on to the important stuff. Let's start off by talking about referees. There are several referees on the Indies today. Some very good, some good, and some don't belong in a ring at all. I think we have a good group of referees here in SSCW. Ref Hanson, our senior ref, is most definitely one of the best referees on the independent scene today. He has refereed for many major talents and companies all over the globe. He has been to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, Bahrain, Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Korea, Hawaii and Guam. Quite an accomplishment for the little kid who came to my home imitating Shawn Michaels and acting like, well, a kid. I am very proud of all he has done so far. And he did a stellar job refereeing the Main Event between Scott Steiner and Steve Corino at HELL-O-WEEN. I think he will be a great teacher for Garry and Mike, the other SSCW officials here in SSCW.

For those of you who haven't gotten a chance read Angel Surita's column this week. It's a great read. And while talking about great reads get a copy of Hulk Hogan's book. Very interesting stuff in there. Ya know what else bugs me? Wrestlers who are marks for themselves. I'm not gonna get to into it because this is a kayfabe column. But I just get tired of seeing workers that mark for themselves and promoters who mark for them even harder. By the way if you find yourself at this point asking "Is he talking about me?" then yes I am. I see alot of great talent here in SSCW who are just about to reach a huge level of popularity. Among them are Rob Ekos, Johnny Thundar, Josh Daniels, Damian Adams, Allura, Vic Divine, Paul Enormous and the Shaolin Wrecking Crew. It's great to see the new breed coming in to take over.

Warm welcome to SSCW newcomers Rik Lesnar and the lovely Noel. They will be debuting for SSCW on January 24, 2003 in our first show of the new year. I know, I know we haven't announced the venue yet. Probably will announce it next week but suspense is a good thing. That is all for this week's column fans. Check back often, take care and Happy Birthday to me and James Saad.

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December 10, 2002

To quote Eminem today I will be cleaning out my closet. I have a lot to say today so some of you may want to just leave this article right now because what I say may pertain to YOU. People continually piss me off. I am so tired of wrestlers being nice to me when a show is coming up. You don't hear from these people when nothing is going on. When SSCW took a year off to regroup a few close friends kept in constant touch with me. Those are people I trust and people who will continue to be a part of SSCW. people like Angel Surita - Martinez, whom I consider to be the person in this business that I am closest to and that I trust the most. People like Ref Hanson, Magic, Suba, Vicious Vin and others. But for the rest that call me cuz SSCW has blown up like a hot air balloon, I have no use for them.

A lot of talk, and a few polls, questioning the #1 indy fed of the year. There are a few out there I would cast a vote for but only if SSCW wasn't on the list and here is why. Name another company that in less then 1 year can produce Bret "Hitman" Hart and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and still not get the recognition from the mark magazines? Not to mention Gangrel, Sabu, Chris Candido, Crowbar, Tammy Sytch, Francine, imports from Canada including Chris Parys and countless others. If you measure in quality and not quantity SSCW is hands down #1. Honorable mentions? Absolutely. Companies that continue to do what they do year after year, face adversities head on, and don't back down. Companies like JAPW, JCW, IHPW and ECWA. Those companies deserve the respect of us all. Ricky O and Fat Frank in particular have been knocked down, talked about, berated and in Franks case publicly lashed. But did they cower and hide? No. Bullsh*t not there style. They stayed and fought the good fight. Kudos to them.

I want to thank Tim Gula and Darkmind for providing the new link bar and banner for Tim is going to be a valuable asset to the SSCW family. I want to reiterate what my boy Angel said in his column. I see a lot of young kids, no nix that, a few morons who post continuously on message boards talking about how they can make everyone's company better. You're so good? Go do it. Start up indygoof wrestling federation. Until then shut up, pay your $15.00, and enjoy the show. I dislike stupid people. It seems everyday I am surrounded by more and more ignorance. In a business that seems very much like "Hey what can you do for me while I do nothing in return for you?" I see more and more morons everyday. Is there a moron factory out there producing these people? This site really takes care of us smaller organizations. They don't spend their time giving you biased views and BS about WWE. Instead they give you REAL news. Something the big name sites that are taking payoffs and bribes fail to do far too often. Glad to see Rob Hochman exposed for the lying, cheating schill he truly is by JCW and Ricky O. Word to the wise for people in the future. If someone is hanging out with a snake like Eric Simms don't trust them to begin with.

It really annoys me when 2 people I like don't like each other. Guys settle your differences and be grown ups. Rik Lesnar is coming. This kid is gonna be a star. He has star written all over him. He has a great learning capacity and is an all around good guy. I am also excited about the arrival of Noel. What a great person she truly is. The fans who get to meet her will be in for quite a treat. I assure you she is much more then just another pretty face. And speaking of Noel, Happy Holidays to the SSCW family. As always you fans are the biggest part of this family as we couldn't do it without you. Happy Holidays as well to those of you not yet familiar with SSCW. Come down to a show or two and give us a try. I truly believe you will not be disappointed. Take care everyone.