9/6 SSCW Show results Saint Rose of Lima Columbian Club Union City NJ Attendance:200 packed house 30 Man battle royal final 2 men meet 1 on 1 for vacant SSCW TV. Title Damian Adams defeated Josh Daniels to become the 1st ever SSCW TV. Champion Rob Echoes w/Harvey Goldstein defeated SSCW Light heavyweight Champ Ryan Wing to win the title


In Round 1 of the 9/11 W.T.C. Memorial Tournament Wenzel pinned "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews w/Valentina Johnny Thunder w/Alura pinned SSCW National Champ Flash Wheeler w/Valentina to win the title Billy Reil pinned Chris Parys from PCW Canada Inferno pinned New Wave Shaolin Wrecking Crew defeated Tony Lazaro & Chris Idol to win the vacant SSCW Tag titles that Angel Martinez vacated earlier in the show due to his partner Lil Joka's arrest

In Semi-final action of the 9/11 W.T.C. Memorial Tournament Wenzel pinned SSCW National Champ Johnny Thunder w/Alura in a non-title match Inferno pinned Billy Reil Former WWE/WCW Star Hacksaw Jim Duggan pinned Angel Martinez w/Chino Martinez Final Round of W.T.C. 9/11 Memorial Tournament Wenzel pinned Inferno Main Event In a match that was originally billed as a ladder match but due to circumstances beyond SSCW's control was changed to a regular 1 on 1 match with use of the ladder Will Damon of PCW Canada pinned SSCW Heavyweight Champion Chino Martinez to win the title

HELL-O-WEEN 10/29/2002

Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling Medieval Times Lyndhurst NJ Attendence:700 Bobcat comes out says Dreamer's fired as SSCW Commissioner and she's the new voice of SSCW voted by the fans and in her first official decision of the night announced that SSCW champ Will Damon is stripped of the title due to his no-show and the fans wanted the Scott Steiner-Steve Corino match to be for the vacant SSCW heavyweight title and hit Dreamer with a stunner. Vicious Vin pinned "Original Latin Gangsta" Angel Martinez w/Chino Martinez after Vin's win SSCW tag champs Shaolin Wrecking Crew ran to ringside and destroyed Vin.

SSCW tag team champs Shaolin Wrecking Crew retained their titles in a 4 way match vs. The Solution vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz vs. New Wave & Kevin Matthews w/Valentina. You may want to read our columns. PCW Canada star Chris Parys came to ringside cutting an anti-American promo SSCW national champ Johnny Thundar w/Alura, Josh Daniels, SSCW TV champ Damian Adams, SSCW lightheavyweight champ Rob Eckos and Harvey Goldstein came to ringside and said that if Parys can beat Daniels he'll get a shot at the tv title in November. Scotty Charisma pinned Metal Maniac.

Valentina came out saying that she was tired of her men Flash Wheeler & Kevin Matthews (who got pinned earlier in the 4 way tag match) losing streak, she said that if Flash loses tonight she'll leave with her new find and announced "So Fine" Vic Devine. SSCW national champ Johnny Thundar & Alura w/Paul E Normous defeated Flash Wheeler & Valentina after the match Valentina slapped Flash for the loss and Vic Devine ran to ringside and Valentina and Devine beat up Flash. Wenzel defeated Chino Martinez in a chain match Chino had the match won until the lights turned out and Wenzel took advantage of Chino's confused state to get the win. SSCW TV champ Damian Adams and SSCW lightheavyweight champ Rob Eckos w/Harvey Goldstein defeated PCW stars Eric Justice and The Prophet. PCW Canada star Chris Parys pinned Josh Daniels w/Harvey Goldstein. Main Event for the vacant SSCW heavyweight title WWE star "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeated "King of Old School" Steve Corino w/Ox Baker by submission to become the new SSCW heavyweight champion.

Ring Rage IV 03/28/2003

A special thanks to the following: Angel Surita - Martinez for once again going above and beyond the call of duty. He is aptly named because he is an angel to myself and this company. Jack & Drew for doing the hard, dirty work to get everything going. Bobby Reidel for leading everyone in paryer for our troops over seas. And now the results........ Ring Rage IV Paid Attendance: 140 Senior Referee: Kenny Edwards Referee: Sean "The Mic" McCaffrey Ring Announcer: Gerry Strauss The show opened with a 10 bell salute and a prayer, led by Bobby Reidel, for Curt Hennig and for our fallen troops, POW's and Soldiers overseas. The wrestlers all came to the ring to pay their tribute.

Noel, Becky Bayless, and Miss Michelle collectively known as LIPS ( The Ladies In Power Sisterhood) get their man when they persuade Paul E. Normous to join them. Bobby Dean defeated Frankie Hawke. Both put on a tremendous bout for rookies and have very bright futures ahead of them. Lightweight Title Match. SSCW Lightweight Champion Rob Eckos came out to the ring on crutches. He was told by newly reinstated Commissioner Johnny Dreamer that he would be stripped of the title if he couldn't defend and the belt would be awarded to Hy-Jinx. However Dave Webb and Johnny Ova took issue with this and a 3 - way dance was signed on the spot. After a grueling encounter Webb fired some mist in the face of Johnny Ova and scored the pin. The New SSCW Lightweight Champion is Dave Webb Tag Team Title Match. Shaolin Wrecking Crew defeated Eddie Better & Vicious Vin w/ Ariel. Vicious Vin took the place of Eddie's partner who was arrested the night before. Apparently Eddie did not live up to Vin's standards however because after Vin was pinned he turned on Eddie after the match because he felt Eddie did not help enough.

Women's Title Match. Ariel d. Alicia & Tara Charisma. Very good showing by all these young prospects. Ariel hit Alicia with a stunner for the pin. Great victory for our first Women's Champ Ariel. Team Thomas defeated Rhode Island Elite in a match that is being dubbed by some as "Match Of The Night". All these competitors put it all on the line and took some crazy bumps. Very impressive as the SSCW Tag Team division just keeps heating up. National Title Match (Vacant). Chino Martinez w/ Tara Charisma defeated Dave Webb in Webb's second match of the night. During the match Chino's stalker showed up on the mic from somewhere in the building and harassed Chino throughout the match. At one point, with the referee distracted and the stalker still talking, Ariel hit a DDT on Webb. Chino scored the pin and began to celebrate. But the Chino stalker charged the ring and attacked him. The stalker is apparently none other then Hy-Jinx. But after the attack Hy-Jinx pulls off the mask to reveal he is none other then the suspended Billy Reil. Reil grabs the mic and demands that Chino get Carmine Sabia to reinstate him so he can square off one on one against Martinez or this will continue to happen. Once again a strong showing by Chino who has done it all. He has now added another gem to his crown.

Prior to the next match, your ring announcer Jerry announced that SSCW returns to Clifton on May 9th and the following matches have been signed...Ariel v Tara, Vicious Vin v Eddie, Shaolin Wrecking Crew v DRS, Dave Webb v Dave Greco and Chino v Reil. Rik Lesnar w/ Jason X. Lawrence defeated NWS star TNT Television Title Match. Kevin Matthews d. Damian Adams. In the Co-Main Event Sandman with Kelly & Tyler defeated Tony Devito. After the match Kelly and Tyler both took turns Caning Devito World Heavyweight Championship Match.

In the battle royal for the vacant heavyweight championship the participants were Paul E Normous (accompanied by L.I.P.S.) , Mike Adams, Hy Jinx, GQ, Mike Thomas, Bobby Dean, Chris Solaf, Frankie Hawke, Danny Demanto, Jack, Jason Inglesias, Eddie Thomas, and Sandman. Rob Eckos was announced but Sandman came out instead. The last man standing was Normous who eliminated everyone in his path, however, Sandman hadn't gotten in the ring yet. Paul charged Sandman. Sandman ducked and Normous went over and out.

Sandman is the new Champion and he proclaims on the mic that from this point forward he will defend the title 24/7. Out come Rob Eckos, Damian Adams and Mike Winner. Rob complains because he said Sandman had no right to take his spot in the match. Sandman, who would never back down from a fight, hands the belt and mic to the referee and punches Eckos in the face. Adams jumps Sandman from behind and DDT's him on a chair. Eckos scores the pin and is your new SSCW World Heavyweight Champion.

SSCW has announced it's return date. Friday Night May 9, 2003 SSCW returns to the Italian American Family Association Hall at 282 Parker Avenue in Clifton, NJ for Apocalypse with an 8 PM Belltime. Already signed for this show is a rematch for the SSCW World Heavyweight Championship pitting defending Champion Rob Eckos against The Sandman. Chino Martinez will finally get his hands on his stalker Billy Reil in a one on one match up. In a Grudge Match Vicious Vin will take on Eddie Better. In her first SSCW Women's Championship defense Ariel goes one on one with Tara Charisma. The Shaolin Wrecking Crew defends the SSCW Tag Team titles against the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Dave Webb will defend the SSCW Lightweight Championship against Dave Grecco and much more including Paul E. Normous, L.I.P.S., Johnny Ova and Livewyre.